1. I do not accept responsibility for any losses that may occur from the use of any of the information contained on this site.
2. Any modifications that you do - are done at your own risk !
3. If you blow it -- you still own it!
4. The modifications page is for educational purposes only, many of the examples are illegal in some countries!

The mods for the Cobra 148 series are identical for the TR-296 series.
The mods for the RCI 2950 are the same for the RCI 2970

Modification Notes Located on this site:
TR-127 Series
  TR-127 Free Spirit &
For Freuency modifications
TR-296 Series
  TR-296 & TR-296F   
For MB8719 Chip
TR-300, 600, 900 Series
396F, 696F, 696F SSB,
 936, 939WX, 966, 969WX 
Clarifier & Frequency modifications
( TR -XXX ) Series
6300/6900 Mods
  FHP & FTB Series   
includes board layout
6300/6900 Mods
  F-25 & F-150 Series   
includes board layout
2980 Mods
Shows board layout
2980WX Mods
  2980 WX   
Shows board layout


Frequency expansion

SS-3900 GHP Mods
SS-3900 EGHP Mods

  3900 GHP Newer Version   
Shows board layout
FC-390 Mods
  148 & TR-296 Series  
  Converting the FC-390 Frequency Counter
for use with Cobra 148 & TR-296 Series  
Echo Mike Mods
 TR-696F SSB, RCI-2950/70,
& Other Radios 
  Converting the EM-117A Echo Mike
for use with other radios
Miscellaneous Mods
 2900 Series, 121WX 
  Talk back, Clarifier Modifications
Dumb Mods
 All radios 
  Dumb steps I have observed in modified radios